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We are a group of Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginning Real Estate Investors spread out across the United States. We help train, teach, mentor and support each other in achieving our financial goals.
Our mission is to empower Ten Thousand entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems and support needed to become financially free, time rich, live abundant lives, and to replicate this mission for themselves.

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The absolute BEST EDUCATION, HANDS ON SUPPORT from WILLING, EXPERIENCED, ACTIVE, LOCAL INVESTORS and a place/office to call home right here in your own backyard
Because there is power in the community! More people means more resources, more knowledge, more opportunities, more money! You have active, local real estate investors to train, teach and support you in getting deals done.
The only thing that will stop you from succeeding is you.

Bill Gillaine says:

All you need, all in one place, compiled for you by experts in the field, experts that are out doing what it is that they teach every single day. I  am a real estate agent who studied and learned how to pass a test. I did not learn anything about real estate or real estate investing. With the educational courses & workshops provided..., what I have learned and what I continue to learn has put me in a place where I am now years ahead of my competition. I am learning real estate investing and financial techniques and strategies which I am able to share with and educate my clients. Sharing with both past and present clients how to pay off their mortgage in about a third of the time is truly a gift that I can give them. I appreciate everything that I am learning and I love that I'm able to share it.

Evella Walker says:

I think Renatus is an awesome firm. I recommend them highly. The people you work with are so friendly and helpful. The courses are packed full of knowledge and there is plenty of hands on experience and encouragement to keep you from losing out, only if YOU quit will you lose. Doug Wickham gives you that kind of encouragement and support. Thanks Doug.
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A Proud Affiliate of Renatus, LLC